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The Colors of Fall

colors of fall.jpg

Isn't this pasta gorgeous? I got this from Williams Sonoma. It's all organic, all natural without the fake artificial colors or flavors and it's made in Italy.

I love that it's from Italy because glyphosate is illegal there. What's glyphosate? It's poison and it causes cancer. It's in Roundup and in many of the foods in our local grocery stores.

This meal is loaded with organic mushrooms specifically cremini and shiitake. Mushrooms are super awesome because they make cancer cells commit suicide. How does it get better than that?!

If you don't like the texture of mushrooms, there are a number of alternatives to get the anticancer benefits. Mushroom teas, mushroom powders, and mushroom vitamins are all available. Organic is best.

Rigatoni with Creamy Mushroom Sauce by Giada

1 lb rigatoni pasta (if gluten free I like to use Jovial brand, penne, it's made in Italy)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 shallots, minced
1 clove garlic, minced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 lb assorted mushrooms (cremini, shiitake, button) cleaned and sliced
1/2 cup white wine (I just use about 1 or 2 tbsp)
1/2 cup vegetable, mushroom, or chicken stock (homemade is best)
1 cups (8 oz) mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
1/4 cup chopped fresh chives (I use Italian flat parsley a lot)

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the pasta and cook till tender but still firm to the bite, stirring occasionally, about 8 to 10 minutes. While the pasta is cooking heat the oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add the shallots and garlic to the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Cook till soft about 2 minutes. Add the mushrooms to the pan and season with salt and pepper. Cook till mushrooms are tender stirring occasionally about 5 to 7 minutes. Turn the heat to high. Add the wine and cook for 3 minutes till all the liquid evaporates. Add the stock and simmer till liquid is slightly reduced. Remove the pan from the heat. Add the mascarpone cheese. Stir till creamy. Drain the pasta reserving about 1 cup of the pasta water and transfer to a serving bowl. Add the mushroom mixture and the Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Toss well to coat pasta adding the reserved pasta water if needed to loosen the pasta. Garnish with the chopped chives. Serve immediately.

5 Things My Dad Failed To Do When He Suffered From High Blood Pressure


I've been thinking a lot about heart disease and how it's greatly affected so many families including my own. Everyone is connected to someone who's suffered from heart disease.

My dad suffered from high blood pressure and it was problematic on a daily basis.  I am thankful that he was able to reverse his high blood pressure and get off the medication for good.

Here is a list of the top five things that DID NOT help my dad when he had hypertension.  I thought that this list could help those who are currently suffering.

5 Things My Dad Failed To Do When He Suffered From High Blood Pressure 

1. He didn't quit coffee and caffeine. He easily drank more than a pot of coffee a day. At the time he wasn't aware that caffeine was affecting his heart condition. 

2. He refused to give up the junk. My dad loved Krispy Kreme Donuts, cream and sugar in his coffee, cereal, and all kinds of frozen novelties and coffee cakes. Fast food was easy to grab at McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, etc. especially when my mom and dad owned a beauty salon. And table salt (including Morton's salt), the chemicalized crap with no minerals, was used in all the home cooking. All the crap and junk were addictions that he thought he couldn't live without.

3. Regular exercise was not a priority after my dad retired from the Navy. My dad enjoyed a relaxed, slow paced lifestyle like some retirees but he did not exert himself physically. He knew something was the matter when he was in NYC visiting family and had trouble catching his breath. Like everyone in his shoes he saw the doctor. What was the result? The dosage of his HBP medication increased. End of story and no questions asked. 

4. My dad never read the side effects of his HBP medication, Losartan. My dad just shrugged off the visible bruising that suddenly appeared all over his body. He never noticed it until my mom mentioned it. He had tightness in the chest area, anxiety, problems urinating, fatigue, and other issues. All of these are current side effects of the drug Losartan. 

5. My dad took everything too seriously. He always kept checking his blood pressure. He was quite stern, hardly smiled or laughed. How could he when he was scared and anxious all the time? 

We make things way too complicated. There is an easier way. People keep taking their meds hoping that these things are the cure and miracle to make them get better. That's fine and all if you want to live the hard way and continue to struggle.

The good news is that I've got something really cool cooking!  I'm hoping to launch it very soon.  If you or someone you know would be interested in reversing their high blood pressure, heart disease and/or high cholesterol, you'll want to stay tuned.

This is a picture of my dear dad when he was in active duty more than three decades ago. He wasn't on HBP medication then but it was to come and he ended up being on medication for ten years. My dad chose better and greater for himself. And that's truly awesome! How does it get any better than that?! 

Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts, Major Depression, Anxiety, Spousal Abuse, and a Tsunami of Health, Relationship, Money and Spiritual Problems

Suicide Awareness Day.jpg

Nearly two years ago I reconnected with a friend on Facebook.  We had been looking for each other for close to 15 years.  What a blessing to be able to find each other on social media!  It took us some time to catch up but as we talked I started to understand my friend’s situation.  She was bombarded with unbelievable baggage.  So I decided to help her help herself.  She wanted to make changes and she wanted to be healthy and whole again.  

We started health coaching sessions in December 2017.  At the time my friend was on various medications for diabetes, heartburn, depression (two kinds), urinary incontinence, and high blood pressure. She was living day in, day out with chronic pain from heartburn and osteoarthritis, chronic sinus problems, vertigo, panic attacks, driving phobias.  The list went on and on.  Frankly, I had never seen a health history like hers before and I was seriously concerned for my dear friend!  She also spoke candidly about her suicide attempt which had happened two years prior.  

As with all clients I like to start the healing process with food.  It’s how I healed my own autoimmune conditions and it’s the basis for achieving a healthy lifestyle.  But I quickly realized that her struggles with food was just the tip of the iceberg.  We had to dive deep emotionally for our health coaching sessions and I mean really, really deep.  

Let’s fast forward to present day.  My friend is off all of her medications.  According to her doctor all of her blood tests came back normal.  My friend was proactive in dropping all of her medications early in our health coaching program.  She said that she felt numb with the medication and she wanted to be free from it.  In the beginning she found herself crying a lot more without the anti-depressants.  She felt loneliness and sadness and moments of intense emotions.  This step is so important.  No one talks too much about this.  The fact of the matter is anti-depressants suppress one’s emotions.  To heal and I mean to completely heal, one must feel his or her own pain.  There’s no shortcut or magic trick around it.  

In the relationship department my friend and her family have done a lot of healing and forgiving.  Things are so much better for them now.  She better understands her children. She’s present and is there for them. And they are able to talk and work things out as a family.  She and her husband are civilly able to discuss the upbringing of their children together.   

After almost two years of coaching sessions my friend has a job and a promising paid internship.  It’s an encouraging first step for her.  And I know that only more good things are to come her way.

I believe that my friend’s saving grace is Our Lord.  She depends a lot on prayer especially attending frequent Adoration and Mass.  When we first started sessions together she was spiritually weak and had quit going to church.  Her faith is blossoming beautifully.  Her daughter recently asked, “How do you overcome your depression, Mom?”  My friend lovingly told her, “I talk to God all the time.”

September 10 is Suicide Awareness Day.  There is help available for anyone who is struggling.  As a holistic health coach and Access Bars practitioner I advocate Access Bars sessions for physical, emotional and spiritual issues, and for really any problem.  Why?  Because it can work quickly and it gets to the root problem.  Free Access Bars clinics are available worldwide.  For more information visit www.accessconsciousness.com/suicideawareness.

William and Mary: The Nation's Suicide Capital?


A family friend encouraged me to attend the College of William and Mary because of its prestige, rich history, and rigorous programs. I was enamored by that as well as motivated in getting my parents and family to be proud of me. William and Mary is the oldest university in the United States and it still ranks as one of the top universities in the country (ranked # 38 in 2019 according to U.S. News and World Report).

I attended the College of William and Mary from 1994 and 1998 and had a wonderful learning and social experience. I had my share of academic lows but I sucked it up and persevered. However, during my time there the Alma Mater of a Nation was also known as the nation’s suicide capital. It seemed that toward the end of every semester my roommate and I would find a letter slipped under the door of our dorm room. Each letter addressed to William and Mary faculty and student body announced the tragic death of a student. I seem to recall that the reason for at least two of those deaths was suicide.

September is Suicide Awareness Month. My son and I along with other Access Bars practitioners worldwide will be offering free Access Bars sessions to those interested in looking for change, hope and possibility. Everyone is welcome to try it out. Absolutely, getting a Bars session can help those with deep depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions, PTSD, trauma (happening now or from years back) and other struggles and blocks.

I have been an integrative nutrition health coach since 2016. I know for certain that food is medicine but I can honestly say that Access Bars changes people’s lives for the better and so quickly. There is nothing like it. It is without a doubt the best holistic modality that I’ve come across in healing on all levels - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How does it get any better than that?

Sharing is caring, friends! So please share. Let’s help make this a happier and healthier world. Let’s help everyone get to the root cause of their struggles. Access Bars can save lives. (Direct message me with any questions.)

For more information about Access Bars go to www.accessconsciousness.com. To find a list of practitioners participating in free clinics around the world for Suicide Awareness Month go to www.accessconsciousness.com/suicideawareness.

What's Your Potential?


"505" is my six year old son's new nickname according to his sensei. Last week he did 505 push ups non stop for the push up challenge at his karate school. Previously, he did 250 push ups but another student beat his record. He's back in first place.

This was a great teaching experience because I like to emphasize to my child that striving for your full potential is most important. Yes, I'm mighty proud that he was able to do 505 push ups in about 20 minutes. But that wasn't the point. I'm interested that he did his very best. If you do your best you never have to worry about the what ifs. So many people tend to quit too soon or be satisfied doing the bare minimum in life. They choose to be mediocre and ordinary. That's not what life is all about.

I learned from Dr. Bernie Siegel in nutrition school that realizing a person's full potential is what matters. Dr. Siegel's grandmother saw something special in him that no one else saw. Every single person has his worth. You take what God gives you and you give it your all. You use your God given talents to do good. Whether it's lending a helping hand, lifting someone up who's emotionally down or stuck, or inspiring others to be their best, we all have something to give to the world to make it a more beautiful place.

So how did my boy do 505 push ups in good form non stop? Determination. He had a goal. He also lives a very healthy lifestyle. In our home he is exposed to very little poisons and chemicals (I am careful and choosy in what brands we use on our bodies, for laundry, etc.) and he eats a 90 to 95 percent organic, local and seasonal diet. We purchase from local organic farms and my boy eats a large array of dark leafy greens and vegetables. Very little junk goes into his system because he understands that junk only brings problems while organic whole foods fuel the body. Commit to a healthy lifestyle and you'll see that you can avoid chronic illness and disease. Beat disease the smart easy way simply with the right foods. And be your best self going forward.

Well done "505"! Mama and daddy love you!

How To Get Off Your Meds


Last night I got a call from my mom. She said, "I saw my doctor today." I paused and asked, "What's wrong?" She said, "My doctor gave me a clean bill of health!" I said, "That's good, Mom." I asked her, "How are your cholesterol levels?" She said, "They're good. They're normal. My doctor was so surprised. He couldn't believe it!"

My mom had been on Lipitor for over twenty years. I urged her five months ago to get off Lipitor and there's a good reason for that. She did what I suggested and now her cholesterol levels are good. 

My mom's a very smart woman. In the last few years she's been really listening to her body. Second, she has a good holistic health coach. That would be me. And she follows my advice. If she has questions she calls me up. We talk and I make suggestions. But I always tell her that she's the one that knows her body best.

If you want to get off your medications get with a good holistic health coach or wellness practitioner. That's really how it's done because most people aren't able to heal on their own. They need someone who's been there and/or who has the knowledge and experience in helping others to heal.

My mom's doctor's response is a funny one. Yes, it is possible to reverse disease and get off medications. It's really very simple. But if you're content taking all of your medications just keep doing the same old same old.

Allergies Go Away


Yesterday I sent a text message to a friend.  I hadn’t seen her in a while and just wanted to check in.  She replied that she and her two young sons weren’t feeling so well.  The culprit?  It was allergies.  As I was reading my friend’s messages, my son’s sensei at the karate school came over to say, “Thank you for the eggs!”  He is currently celebrating 40 years of his black belt status.  That’s quite an achievement so I thought I’d give him some local, pasture raised eggs from happy chickens since I remembered that he eats about 30 eggs a week.  He then started to tell me that since my family and I have been coming to his karate school he’s been suffering from allergies.  Allergies, allergies, and more allergies.  It’s that time of the year.

In the past few years I’ve worked with people whose allergies have pretty much disappeared.  A relative that I health coached had really bad allergies.  She was taking Flonase ever single day. We worked with food and eventually she went from taking the Flonase every single day to once a month to once in a while to none at all. This was just working with food.  Today she doesn’t use Flonase and her blood pressure is almost in normal range that she doesn’t need to take her high blood pressure medication all the time.  She’s even lost a little weight.  A friend had bad allergies last summer.  I made her an allergy herbal tea and in a matter of a few days she was better. Another relative told me that she’s allergic to cats.  I sent her the same allergy herbal tea. After a few months she noticed that she could tolerate being near her cats.  She stopped taking her allergy medicine and consistently drank the allergy herbal tea.  I told my son’s sensei that I’ll be giving him some allergy herbal tea the next time I see him.  

Food is medicine.  it’s pure and it’s gentle.  When you start to understand the medicinal benefits of food and incorporate real food into your diet, your world changes for the better.  It’s so simple.  Just start with food - organic, local, and seasonal.

Do you suffer from seasonal, environmental or food allergies?  How badly do you want them to go away?

Spring, Sneezing, And Allergies


I’ve always loved spring.  To me I’ve always associated it with hope, love, and beauty.  I love the new flowers that start to pop up and the green blades of grass. When I start to see dandelions I know that spring has arrived.

In my elementary school years I was pretty healthy.  I hardly ever got sick or missed school.  My brother on the other hand suffered from asthma and allergies.  My dad used to joke that he was allergic to everything except girls.  

When I worked in the corporate world I noticed that I was getting sick all the time so I scheduled doctor appointments frequently.  I remember going every week for about a month.  Each time I visited the doctor he’d give me some Claritin.  I eventually figured out that the Claritin did nothing for me and that it was the stress from work and my poor diet that was causing my allergies.  When I left the corporate world and fixed my diet my allergies went away.

When someone suffers from allergies it’s a gut issue or an autoimmune condition. I’ve seen it and studied it many times.  Whether it’s environmental or food allergies anyone can heal them.  I’ve been advocating the solution for some time now.  Eat organic, local, and seasonal.

Not everyone understands the concept of eating local and seasonal.  It’s pretty simple.  If something doesn’t grow in your area don’t eat it or don’t eat it all the time. People don’t understand this idea because we have access to foods from all over the world in grocery stores.  I live in New York but bananas don’t grow here.  I rarely eat bananas because they're not part of my environment and they won’t strengthen my microbiome.   

This is why I’m big into CSAs and I believe this is the reason why my immune system over the last three years has improved immensely.  Before I moved to New York my gut health was not its best.  I had just gone through a few traumatic years of health problems.  I was so weak and so vitamin deficient I thought that I was dying.  

People don’t have to suffer.  People don’t have to accept a sick body.  Get with a certified health coach or wellness practitioner.  Run past the fear and trust the process because this process that I and many others teach really does work.

Gut Health And CSAs


I wish you could see these beautiful fresh leaves in person. I just got these spinach leaves from my local CSA delivered straight to my home. The other day I was chatting with a CSA member about this spinach variety being the most beautiful and best spinach in all of Central New York!

You won't ever get this at Wegman's, Whole Foods or any local grocery store. My local farmers harvested these and my other veggies just yesterday. So not only are these super fresh they also contain the much needed microbes that are deficient in grocery store produce.

Three years ago I had just moved from Pennsylvania. My gut health was a mess. I was also recovering from my autoimmune condition and I was still severely vitamin deficient. When I got to Central New York one of the things that I did was look for a local organic CSA that would deliver to my home. I got lucky and started talking to Main Street Farms. I've been spoiled ever since and have been improving my gut health all this time.

How do I know I'm healthy? I don't get sick anymore. I'm not visiting the doctor getting one antibiotic after another. I don't catch the common cold or flu and if I ever get a sore throat it lasts for a day or two at most.

There is no magic pill or supplement that gives good health. People are waiting for some miracle drug to fix them up. The body doesn't work that way and it was never designed that way.

Are you a CSA member?

The Brain And Longevity Part 2


What's your kid's favorite food?

This morning I thought to ask my son about his favorite food. I asked, "If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?" He said without hesitation, "Sauerkraut." I said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Yes." During lunch I asked him, "What is your second favorite food?" He said, "Eggs." "And your third favorite food?" He said, "Spaghetti."

All of these foods are awesome for brain health. The sauerkraut is local, organic, and refrigerated. The eggs are from happy, pasture raised, local chickens. And the spaghetti is not your ordinary spaghetti. I add brain nourishing ingredients every time.

My son says "no" to processed foods, sodas, candy, refined sugars and the such. He gets fed three solid meals every day freshly cooked by me. This kid knows more about nutrition than most of the world. My point is that there is a correlation between what you put inside your body and overall health.

There's so much crap on the Internet about nutrition. Very few know the truth. Very few know what to believe. I say go with your gut. Your body will tell you if something is good for you or not. The body is so smart. Ask yourself every time before you eat, "Is this food going to bring me down or lift me up? Is it going to fuel and power me up so that I can live a long, healthy and happy life?" If you get sick or you have gastrointestinal issues then you know.

You can find my son's favorite spaghetti on my blog: 

Community And Longevity


Orestis Portelos, age 97 from Greece, was interviewed for the Human Longevity Project (https://humanlongevityfilm.com/). He said, “‘Panigiria’ (a Greek festival celebrated during the summer months) is a tradition found from our ancestors. At that time, we had good ‘panigiria’, they were not as crowded as today. We were also organizing them for financial reasons. All the money we were gathering was used for the village’s needs. Even today, all these ‘panigiria’ are organized for this purpose. We are also having fun. We meet with people from other villages. I still go. As I told you earlier, I used to go with friends my age. Nowadays, most people going are young people. I meet with few people now, but I still go.”

It was nice to have good friends over this past weekend as we reminisced the warm, sunny weather we enjoyed in Florida. They shared with us all about the community of their second home. The wife described the close knit community of just a hundred homes. She said the ladies meet pretty much every week and even on the weekends. They have so many fun activities like cooking, exercise, and dancing classes. They even have frequent luau parties. The neighbors are so close that it’s common for neighbors to visit each other’s homes to help with any issues. It truly sounded like a wonderful community of living, learning, laughing, and loving.

This is what the elder Orestis Portelos was describing. Close bonds formed in communities are such commonplace for centenarians living in the Blue Zone areas. Human relationship is such a vital part of life and one of the primary foods that was taught at my nutrition school. You can be successful in health, career, spirituality, and other things but if you lack in the relationship department, you will struggle. It will be like trying to drive a car with a flat tire. Isn’t that what the human condition is all about? The human spirit begs to be loved, adored, and embraced.

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your relationships? And if it’s taken a back burner what can you do to improve it? It would be wise on our part to model our lives and indeed how we view our relationships after the people living in the Blue Zones. To your health and happiness!

The Consequence Of Autoimmune Disease


Autoimmune disease is the consequence of bad nutritional science.

Last month I started health coaching a lady who wanted help with severe environmental allergies. Not only had she been suffering from allergies for a while she was overweight and had a family history of heart disease and diabetes. She was worried about her A1C levels signaling a high sugar diet and perhaps diabetes in the horizon as her health history suggested. I asked her what her diet looked like. She told me she didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. If she had anything it was a cup of coffee. For snacks she ate candy. And for dinner she ate very little, maybe rice and a little protein. She paused for a moment and then stated that she didn’t cook at all. She said that a lady would come to cook for her husband on the weekends. I asked her what I would find in her refrigerator if I were to come over to her house. She said that there might be some beans and maybe some fruit.

This is the SAD diet, the standard American diet. Not only is it sad in a literal sense, this is people’s reality on a daily basis. There should be joy in partaking delicious, nutritious food rather than people rushing to grab fast food or standing up to eat their meals. For many people home cooked meals is a thing of the past. I felt so bad for this woman and her family. She confided that she had anxiety issues and she was worried about two of her three children. One was living an adventurous, careless lifestyle while her daughter was suffering from mental issues and depression. This is what happens when people are not taught proper nutrition, self care, and self love. Everyone suffers. If we eat poorly then this is the legacy that we pass on to our children and future generations.

The good news is it’s never too late to reverse disease and bad eating and lifestyle habits. It doesn’t matter if someone has stage 4 cancer or was told by the doctors that they have little time to live. No, it’s not a magical, overnight shift that takes place. It takes work, real hard word, patience, and trust in the process. If you’re sick of being sick there is a better way.

You Deserve Better


This morning I was talking to a friend at church. He told me, "I hate drugs and medications! But I have to go see the doctor."

Don't get me wrong. There is a place and time for modern medicine but when we're given one drug after another we have to start asking, "Is this too much? Is this good for my body? What are the side effects?"

We all have choices. You can continue to go the same old route doing the same things over and over again. Guess what? You end up with the same results. Or you can wisen up, start asking the tough questions, and make changes to your diet, lifestyle and conscientiousness. That's what I did about six years ago. I had a sweet, precious baby who I could no longer care for. I was sick of being sick so I sought a holistic doctor, went to nutrition school and got mentored by the world's best health coaches and wellness practitioners. I got to the root cause of my health problems and healed.

If you're on any type of medication or don't feel your best you're not well. I hear this a lot. People tell me their long list of chronic illnesses and symptoms and then at the end they tell me that they are in pretty good health. No, they have just settled for the worst life possible for themselves. They have been sick for so long that they don't know the difference between being sick and being well.

People deserve better. You deserve better.

For Better Sleep


If you want better sleep, read on…

This morning I went to barre class at the local Y. At my friend’s suggestion we went over to the sauna. As we walked in I heard a voice say, “Hi friend! I followed your advice! I quit coffee and I feel so much better!” I turned and said to the gentleman, “That’s great. Congratulations! How so?” He said, “I sleep so much better! My wife just looks at me. She won’t quit but I feel great!”

Small steps count a lot and encourage people to keep working on getting healthy. Depending on a person’s situation I start health coaching with food. I start people off with something so basic like drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning. This simple step has motivated people to do things they never used to do like exercising.

For someone who’s been hooked on coffee for decades I recommend drinking clean spring water or filtered water (I love our Berkey) in the morning, even just a cup. If you can drink two cups that’s even better. The goal is to replace the coffee with clean water. Eventually you will kick the habit. And like the gentleman I saw at the Y this morning you will start to sleep better and to feel great.

YES to changing the world for the better one person at a time, one step at a time!

Longevity For Our Families And Pets


For dog and pet owners, parents, and families, this one is for you. We can learn a lot about longevity from our elders.

Georgios Stenos, age 85 from Greece, was interviewed for the Longevity Human Project (https://humanlongevityfilm.com). “All of the Ikarians are trying not to buy products with pesticides and fertilizers. I only use animal manure which I get from people who raise animals and I use it for my plants.”

Ikaria is one of the highly regarded Blue Zones, one of the few places in the world that produces the most number of centenarians. I remember talking to my son’s sensei at his karate school about his brother in law’s dog. He said that the dog had cancer and went on to say that every dog in his brother in law’s street and neighborhood had cancer. He continued to say that the whole neighborhood sprayed their lawns with chemicals and fertilizers. The lawns were green but all the dogs were sick.

If the dogs are being poisoned and being diagnosed with cancer what more is happening to that neighborhood’s young? Start reading labels. Start asking questions. Are you aware that Roundup is a known carcinogen? Do you use toxic house cleaners around the house? Toxicity is everywhere. Start protecting yourself and your loved ones including our beloved pets.

The Brain And Longevity


I teach my son about good health and longevity every day. One of his favorite foods is sardines. It was also one of his lolo’s (grandfather in Filipino) favorite foods. His lolo lived to be 107 years old and even near the end of his earthly life he was very sharp and aware. His memory was impeccable as he would perform memory games every night before going to bed.

Sardines is serious brain food. Why do you think many people living in the Mediterranean are blessed with long, happy lives and great brain health? They enjoy seafood including sardines. I introduced my son to it at a very early age and he loved it! But I feed him quality sardines that’s BPA free and sustainably caught. I like the brand Wild Planet. I don’t mind paying a little more because I know that I’m feeding my family the good stuff.

Invest in high quality, organic, chemical free food and you will notice a difference in the health of yourself and your loved ones. Alzheimer’s and dementia are no longer health issues for the elderly. More and more young people in their 20s and 30s are suffering from brain fog and memory problems. We have choices. Make the ones that will help you in the long haul and help sustain good health and happiness.

Slime, Contact Lens Solution, And Borax


When I was a kid I did what all the other school children did. I ate the food prepared at the school cafeteria. I sucked on the honeysuckles at the school playground. I got jelly shoes just like a lot of the other girls in my elementary school. When friendship pins were in I got a friend to make me one almost every week for about a month or two. I followed what the teachers told us so that I could go outside for Freedom Friday to hang out with my best friend and the other kids. I learned how to think on my own but for the most part I learned to be an order taker because just like every kid out there I wanted to fit in.

Slime is all the rage among school children these days. I think if I were still a kid I would be one of those kids fascinated with the texture, colors, and glitter affects. I’d probably be viewing YouTube every single day to learn how to make my own slime.

On the surface slime is a kid’s toy but if we take a closer look at what slime is made of we will see that it consists of sodium borate which is better known as borax. Borax is linked to infertility and reproductive damage. It is also found in the controversial Gardasil or HPV vaccine. Some people may believe that borax is harmless and is perfectly fine since it’s used for cleaning in many households. I caution those who believe that borax is safe and suggest that you dig deeper and do your own research. Recently, I came across a pediatrician’s blog post regarding slime and borax. She noticed that more and more of her patients were coming in for horrible skin rashes. After interviewing several parents she learned that her patients were playing with slime as an after school activity on a daily basis. She concluded that the borax from the slime was causing these horrible rashes on her patients’ hands and noted that it would take several months for the rashes to heal. So is borax safe? I believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As I did more reading on the slime topic this led me to my current problem with contact lens solutions. A friend, mentor, and fellow health coach just last week mentioned that slime can be made with either borax or contact lens solution since the solution contains sodium borate. Sure enough almost every contact lens solution in the market contains sodium borate. I found one that did not but CIBA Vision Clear Care No Rub contains an ingredient called Pluronic 17R4 (a Cleaning Agent). What the heck is that?! I have never heard of it and there’s not enough information online about what it is and any potential side effects. Who knows? Pluronic 17R4 could be another name for sodium borate or borax. So again I follow the better be safe than sorry rule.

So this got me thinking and then I got really pissed off. I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was in middle school. That’s decades of pouring borax onto my hands and fingertips as well as applying borax directly into my eyes. I never thought to read the labels for contact lens solutions like I do for the food that I consume. Just like many patients who wear glasses or contact lenses I listened to the optometrist and did exactly what I was told to do. As a result my vision worsened over the years. On top of that I just noticed how rough especially the palms of my hands are and how blood shot my eyes are.

I’ve made a couple of decisions from what I’ve gathered in the last week. If you know me personally, you will notice that I’ve begun to wear my prescription glasses after decades of contact lens use. This is a new routine for me. I do have some good news though. My hands are starting to improve and they do not feel as rough. I also found a very interesting course on how to regain eyesight naturally. When I was younger I just accepted that my eyesight continued to worsen as I kept wearing glasses and contacts. I never thought that wearing glasses or contacts was the problem. I am nearsighted with astigmatism and I am blind as a bat. For children that may be having eye problems, this course encourages parents to seek a pediatric ophthalmologist for their child as the chances of your child having to wear glasses is just 2 percent. By visiting an optometrist the chances of being prescribed glasses is 35 percent.

I’m fascinated with the idea of correcting my vision naturally. That would mean tossing out the glasses for good. How awesome would that be?! I’ll keep you informed on my goal to reclaim my vision.

So three things that I’ve learned since last week: 1) slime and contact lens solution are made of borax which is linked to infertility, reproductive damage and skin rashes, and 2) glasses and contact lenses cause vision to worsen, and 3) it is possible to reclaim your vision.

Share the knowledge with your family, friends, and loved ones. Stay curious. Start to think outside of the box and keep asking the hard questions. Our families and loved ones depend on us to keep them safe and well. To your health and happiness!