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Dios ti agngina (pronounced "dee-os tee ag-NEE-na") is an extraordinary way of saying thank you in the Philippine dialect Ilocano.  I don't think there is a better way to express gratitude in any other language in the world.  Because one feels indebted to another, he or she invokes God's grace when saying the words in the hopes that the recipient is blessed a hundredfold.  Dios ti agngina is the ultimate, sincerest way to give thanks.    

This blog is all about thanksgiving for all that life can offer.  Here is a gathering place of fantastic ideas, inspiring and heroic stories, and all things that are good and wholesome.  

I am a second generation Filipino American who is grateful every day for a loving family and the best friends ever.  My parents hail from the humble town of Castillejos in the Philippines.  We are Ilocano and are proud of our heritage.  Our Catholic faith is important to us.  Faith keeps us rooted and strong above all things.

As a wife, Catholic homeschooling mom, faith and food blogger, and integrative nutrition health coach, I think that I've learned a few things along the way.  Here I offer my favorite things - best tips in living the faith,  motivating stories, how to nurture a clean and healthy lifestyle (and stick with it), my fascination with the arts, and so much more!  You'll also see personal stories here from time to time.  I love, love, love being a wife and mother and all things home and family.  

For most of 2014, I had a health scare that really shook me.  I had debilitating fatigue that left me pretty much home bound.  Most of my days were spent lying in bed or sitting down.  It was so bad that I couldn't take care of my son; I had to ask help from my parents and from my husband Martin when he wasn't busy with work.  All in all, 2014 was an upward battle for me.  I started to understand the feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety when one's health deteriorates.  In the spring, I saw my primary care physician who told me that I had a vitamin D deficiency.  I took my supplements diligently and started to take daily, long walks outside with my son, however the healing process took several months.  By the fall, my vitamin D levels were normal.  I felt fine for a while but I relapsed and the fatigue took over again.  My fears returned and I found myself back to square one.  

As it has in the past, my faith sustained me.  St. Jude's feast day  was quickly approaching and I remembered how his intercession had been so powerful and effective in the past.  I decided to pray the St. Jude novena for nine days.  About a week later I came upon a marvelous, intriguing book about a food elimination diet.  Little did I know that this little book was the answer to my prayers!  I decided to try the program for one to two days.  If I were to feel weaker, I would stop immediately.  

Well, the most miraculous thing happened to me.  Starting on day one I started feeling my normal self and before I knew it I felt stronger and happier!  By day four, I was mopping floors and exercising like a crazy woman.  I completed the 21 day program in December 2014 and did another one in January 2015.  My testimony is that clean, real, organic, and fresh food with regular exercise and sufficient sleep can and will heal the body.  About 85 to 90 percent of the foods in most grocery stores are nothing but junk!  All of us should learn how to decipher what is good for our bodies.  My objective when I started the clean program was to reclaim my health, which I've done.  This is my story.  My hope is to share the things that have helped me in the hopes that you too reclaim your health.             

If there's one golden nugget that I would like to impart upon you, it's this.  One can never say "thank you" too many times.  We've been taught these simple words "thank you" since infancy and childhood.  It's short and sweet and it brings you and somebody else so much joy and happiness.  

All are welcome here!  I hope that you will come often.  There is so much to see and share.  Let's stay in touch.  I plan to write and write for a very long time till my hands and fingers cramp and can't write anymore!  Dios ti agngina, heartfelt thanks for stopping by!    

Much love and happiness,

Elaine Javier

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Access Bars Practitioner



Elaine Javier is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and Access Bars practitioner specializing in helping people heal on a deep level physically, emotionally, and spiritually -- simply through food, herbs and holistic modalities.  Her expertise is in chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, gut issues, eczema, high blood pressure, and other chronic concerns.  She is also a wife, Catholic homeschooling mom, and faith and food blogger.  She is passionate about integrative nutrition and wellness and loves spreading the ripple effect of healing from the inside out.

To learn more, schedule an appointment at:  info@elainejavier.com.

Dios Ti Agngina is an invitation for those seeking inspiration in faith, fashion, food, and all things fascinating to the spirit.  Let this be a place that encourages goodness and kindness; a place for those seeking a clean, healthy lifestyle;  a place that sparks ideas and imagination to change the world for the better.  Let's embark on this journey together to discover the true joys in life!