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What's Your Potential?


"505" is my six year old son's new nickname according to his sensei. Last week he did 505 push ups non stop for the push up challenge at his karate school. Previously, he did 250 push ups but another student beat his record. He's back in first place.

This was a great teaching experience because I like to emphasize to my child that striving for your full potential is most important. Yes, I'm mighty proud that he was able to do 505 push ups in about 20 minutes. But that wasn't the point. I'm interested that he did his very best. If you do your best you never have to worry about the what ifs. So many people tend to quit too soon or be satisfied doing the bare minimum in life. They choose to be mediocre and ordinary. That's not what life is all about.

I learned from Dr. Bernie Siegel in nutrition school that realizing a person's full potential is what matters. Dr. Siegel's grandmother saw something special in him that no one else saw. Every single person has his worth. You take what God gives you and you give it your all. You use your God given talents to do good. Whether it's lending a helping hand, lifting someone up who's emotionally down or stuck, or inspiring others to be their best, we all have something to give to the world to make it a more beautiful place.

So how did my boy do 505 push ups in good form non stop? Determination. He had a goal. He also lives a very healthy lifestyle. In our home he is exposed to very little poisons and chemicals (I am careful and choosy in what brands we use on our bodies, for laundry, etc.) and he eats a 90 to 95 percent organic, local and seasonal diet. We purchase from local organic farms and my boy eats a large array of dark leafy greens and vegetables. Very little junk goes into his system because he understands that junk only brings problems while organic whole foods fuel the body. Commit to a healthy lifestyle and you'll see that you can avoid chronic illness and disease. Beat disease the smart easy way simply with the right foods. And be your best self going forward.

Well done "505"! Mama and daddy love you!