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5 Things My Dad Failed To Do When He Suffered From High Blood Pressure


I've been thinking a lot about heart disease and how it's greatly affected so many families including my own. Everyone is connected to someone who's suffered from heart disease.

My dad suffered from high blood pressure and it was problematic on a daily basis.  I am thankful that he was able to reverse his high blood pressure and get off the medication for good.

Here is a list of the top five things that DID NOT help my dad when he had hypertension.  I thought that this list could help those who are currently suffering.

5 Things My Dad Failed To Do When He Suffered From High Blood Pressure 

1. He didn't quit coffee and caffeine. He easily drank more than a pot of coffee a day. At the time he wasn't aware that caffeine was affecting his heart condition. 

2. He refused to give up the junk. My dad loved Krispy Kreme Donuts, cream and sugar in his coffee, cereal, and all kinds of frozen novelties and coffee cakes. Fast food was easy to grab at McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, etc. especially when my mom and dad owned a beauty salon. And table salt (including Morton's salt), the chemicalized crap with no minerals, was used in all the home cooking. All the crap and junk were addictions that he thought he couldn't live without.

3. Regular exercise was not a priority after my dad retired from the Navy. My dad enjoyed a relaxed, slow paced lifestyle like some retirees but he did not exert himself physically. He knew something was the matter when he was in NYC visiting family and had trouble catching his breath. Like everyone in his shoes he saw the doctor. What was the result? The dosage of his HBP medication increased. End of story and no questions asked. 

4. My dad never read the side effects of his HBP medication, Losartan. My dad just shrugged off the visible bruising that suddenly appeared all over his body. He never noticed it until my mom mentioned it. He had tightness in the chest area, anxiety, problems urinating, fatigue, and other issues. All of these are current side effects of the drug Losartan. 

5. My dad took everything too seriously. He always kept checking his blood pressure. He was quite stern, hardly smiled or laughed. How could he when he was scared and anxious all the time? 

We make things way too complicated. There is an easier way. People keep taking their meds hoping that these things are the cure and miracle to make them get better. That's fine and all if you want to live the hard way and continue to struggle.

The good news is that I've got something really cool cooking!  I'm hoping to launch it very soon.  If you or someone you know would be interested in reversing their high blood pressure, heart disease and/or high cholesterol, you'll want to stay tuned.

This is a picture of my dear dad when he was in active duty more than three decades ago. He wasn't on HBP medication then but it was to come and he ended up being on medication for ten years. My dad chose better and greater for himself. And that's truly awesome! How does it get any better than that?! 

To Snore Or Not To Snore

Isn't that the question?  Who else remembers studying Shakespeare in high school?  I had to memorize a whole stanza for ninth grade English class.

I remember reciting mine hundreds of times because of fear of blanking out and looking like a fool in front of the video camera, my teacher, and classmates.  My English teacher taped our performances for this particular assignment in which we had to recite the chosen stanza in its original form and translate it into modern day English.

When it was my turn at the camera thankfully I was able to perform my interpretation of Juliet without stumbling, passionately, loud and clear.  It's the scene in which Juliet is frantically begging the friar to make her a poisonous potion so she can already die because she thinks that Romeo is dead.  It's a very dramatic and intense scene indeed!

Back to the point -- snoring!  I read an interesting testimonial some months back that claimed that there may be a link between snoring and coffee. I know that so many people love their coffee and think that they can't live without it but cutting back or even going cold turkey, even for a few weeks, might be worth considering.

I can understand the love that people have for coffee.  It is warm, soothing, and comforting.  It's like  baby's milk for many but there are negative points that cannot be denied.  Coffee is highly acidic and addictive.  Most commercial coffee contains mold. 

Anyway, this woman claimed that her husband noticed that his wife no longer snored at night.  That's great for both!  The wife was able to kick the coffee habit and make healthier food choices and her husband can sleep peacefully at night!

As a suggestion, if you are looking to cut down on drinking coffee and are looking for healthy alternatives, there are some great options.  Maybe give any one of these a try for a few days and monitor how your body responds to the change.  It's a good idea to go slowly when you make diet changes and take note of any changes, if any.

One option is yerba mate.  Originally from South America, yerba mate was popular among the ancients because of its natural energy boosting effects.  The brand that we have at home is by Guayaki.  My husband Martin enjoys the chocolate flavor one a lot.

Another lovely choice is Dandy Blend.  This is a nice one if you don't have a lot of time.  Bring it with you to the office, pour some hot water in a cup, and add your Dandy Blend.  Stir and enjoy!  It can be drunk cold as well if you don't have hot water.  Made out of dandelion, Dandy Blend is caffeine free and very healthy.

The third coffee substitute is one that many former coffee drinkers love.  They swear that it tastes just like coffee!  So if you're one who has to have coffee every morning, Teeccino is the way to go!

So I ask again, to snore or not to snore...

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I know that so many people love their coffee and think that they can’t live without it but cutting back or even going cold turkey, even for a few weeks, might be worth considering.

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