Elaine Javier

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Access Bars Practitioner, and Catholic Homeschooling Mom and Blogger

Creating a healthier and happier world using the very best food, herbs, and holistic modalities. Let’s start healing with ease and joy physically, emotionally, and spiritually!


One of my passions besides being a devoted wife and mom is being an integrative nutrition health coach.  After healing from almost two years of debilitating fatigue and a number of illnesses by eating clean, nutritious food, I went to nutrition school and studied integrative nutrition and wellness.  

I have found positive results by applying this knowledge to my own family.  This same knowledge is what I would like to share with you so that you can create a happy and healthy lifestyle for yourself.        

I believe that the body can heal itself given the right foods and proper rest.  Mother nature gives us all the tools we need to heal.  So I won't recommend expensive supplements or any other outrageously pricey methods.  Food is medicine, and I will teach you which foods will help heal and nourish you.

I not only teach about food but also about the importance of balance in your life.  Balance in many ways takes precedence over food.  

Life is a journey.  Finding your way to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a struggle.  Let's do this together!

To your health and happiness,

Elaine Javier


How It Works

My 1 Month Program includes:

  • 1-hour scheduled coaching sessions twice a month

  • Unlimited email support throughout the program

  • Delicious recipes and natural food recommendations

  • Guidance in making lifestyle adjustments

  • Additional materials for your individual needs and goals

The cost is $297.

Shop and Chop Days allows you to spend two days with me.  The first day is spent visiting the grocery store or local farmers market in which you get to ask me about food and products. I help you pick ingredients for the following day.  The next day is spent in the kitchen in which we cook delicious home cooked meals together.  This is a fun and educational experience!

The cost is $497.


You can work with me in person, virtually (Facebook, FaceTime or Skype), or by telephone.  I am also available for group sessions.  

Not sure which program is right for you?  Schedule a complimentary health history session with me here.   We will review your health goals and concerns and talk about the next steps to achieving your healthiest and happiest you.

Questions?  Email me at info@elainejavier.com or here.