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One of my passions besides being a devoted wife and mom is being an integrative nutrition health coach.  After healing from almost two years of debilitating fatigue and a number of illnesses by eating clean, nutritious food, I went to nutrition school and studied integrative nutrition and wellness.  

I have found positive results by applying this knowledge to my own family.  This same knowledge is what I would like to share with you so that you can create a happy and healthy lifestyle for yourself.        

I believe that the body can heal itself given the right foods and proper rest.  Mother nature gives us all the tools we need to heal.  So I won't recommend expensive supplements or any other outrageously pricey methods.  Food is medicine, and I will teach you which foods will help heal and nourish you.

I not only teach about food but also about the importance of balance in your life.  Balance in many ways takes precedence over food.  

Life is a journey.  Finding your way to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a struggle.  Let's do this together!

To your health and happiness,

Elaine Javier 

How It Works

My 6 Month Program (which can be extended) includes:

  • 1-hour scheduled coaching sessions twice a month
  • Unlimited email and phone support throughout the program
  • A pantry makeover
  • Delicious recipes and natural food recommendations
  • Guidance in making lifestyle adjustments
  • Additional materials for your individual needs and goals

You can work with me in person, virtually (FaceTime or Skype), or by telephone through one-on-one or group sessions.  To schedule an appointment, I may be reached at info@elainejavier.com or here.