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Health Coaching For Humanity

I recently had the privilege to interview IIN health coach, naturopath, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, Dr. Mary Jean Netario Cruz or Dr. Maggie, for Health Coach Week.  I admire her for so many reasons including her charisma, dedication and work in the health and wellness field, empowering marginalized communities,  interceding in times of local and national disaster and crisis, and her ability to heal and touch the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.  

Dr.  Maggie has received accolades by top magnesium authorities and scientists for her research and work and her Magiteque therapy.  

  • Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND, the world renowned magnesium expert and author of The Magnesium Miracle called her "The Magnesium Maven."  She has also noted that Dr. Maggie is the only one that she knows who does magnesium therapy in a clinical setting.
  • Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT said Dr. Maggie is a "co-warrior in the field of organic sulfur."

What is the importance of all of this?  It actually matters plenty.  According to Dr. Maggie, she has seen results with her Magiteque therapy for pain management, viral infections, dengue, influenza, measles, chicken pox, postherpatic neuralgia, shingles, herpes, ESRD for dialysis, enlarged thyroid, mental health conditions, comatose, eczema and other skin problems, dementia, Parkinson's disease, mental health issues, and tumors, paralysis, seizure, central nervous system issues, and much more.

A Conversation With Dr. Maggie


How did you become so passionate about health and wellness?

I am an accidental health coach!  Prior to this journey, I was a business consultant who did business automation, business systems and controls, and business software distribution until I found myself wanting to help empower disenfranchised communities. I earned an IIN scholarship because I connected an indigenous peoples organic farming project to a healthy meals school project.


What has been your greatest achievement as a health coach and as a naturopath doctor? 

Prior to becoming a health coach, I had no idea what it was.  Initially I thought it was a way to learn more about nutrition in a non-traditional setting.  As I began studying I realized it was more similar to consulting in the health realm.  I am more interested in helping disenfranchised communities so I focused my health coaching skills on community pain healing missions in remote and poor places.  I have also provided assistance whenever there is a disaster, like when the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), and more recently in the Marawi siege. Helping the displaced peoples in Marawi is probably one of my greatest successes.  The protocols I developed for people suffering from PTSD was adapted by Mindanao State University, Iligan Medical School Foundation and the Armed Forces of the Philippines among others.



What are the challenges of being a health coach in the Philippines?

I am not a typical health coach.  I focus more on addressing health-related social issues, particularly pain management for the mind, body and spirit – a “human system approach” for poor communities.  Currently my private practice and the contributions of wealthy individuals and organizations fund this initiative, but continuing to fund community healing missions is my biggest challenge.


I am intrigued with the Magiteque Pain Therapy Center.  Can you describe how the process of healing happens and what sessions look like for a patient?

Magiteque Therapy is an integration of both of my disciplines as a certified health coach and naturopath doctor.  Magiteque Therapy, depending on the health issue, can be done transdermally, orally or by inhalation.  It is safe for all ages and even for pregnant woman.  Clinical Magiteque Therapy starts with learning the patient’s health history followed by two hours of mineral spraying, inhalation or with an oral protocol combination.  For muscle pain, I combine trigger point techniques and energy healing.  The Magiteque Therapy concludes by taking a warm bath and then reassessing the patient’s condition.  Results are immediate.  A treatment plan can be designed after the first treatment, but in most cases is not needed. 

Congratulations on your new restaurant Chives Bistro and Market!  Please tell me what patrons can expect and experience.

If you have the palate for exquisite yet affordable food, Chives Bistro is the place to go.  Chives is a blend of Asian and European cuisine - fine dining in a casual setting.  We use nothing but freshly harvested food and no artificial flavorings.  Plus the passion our chef has for sumptuous healthy meals can really be tasted!  And I’m not just saying that because my son is the chef because I am not easily pleased when it comes to food, and the food really meets my standards.    I highly recommend that you visit us if you are ever in Manila!   


Please discuss your initiative the Community Home Substance Abuse Recovery Program or CSARP in connection to the war on drugs campaign of President Duterte.

Having taken the course “The Addicted Brain” at Emory University, I understand the role of electro-ionic minerals in neurotransmitters and this gave me a rare perspective especially in the Philippines.  When the war on drugs started, I began attending to addicts suffering from Substance Abuse Withdrawal Syndrome.  I had been treating similar symptoms in patients previously.  I created the “Seven Days Neuro-Detox Program” incorporating Magiteque therapy, EcoTherapy, Psychological First Aid and Positive Psychology.  Addicts have been thankful for this initiative. And I give lectures and seminars for those who want to learn more.  For my efforts, I was recognized by my hometown with the Dangal ng Pililla Award.


What's next for you in your amazing life journey?

Lots of things!  I am coming out with my first book, followed by “how to” booklets on the Magiteque therapy for different health issues.  Our FDA license is in process, which means we will be able to make affordable mineral sprays for the mass market soon.  This will definitely help a lot of people dealing with various pain issues, and will also fund the community healing missions we are doing.  I am beginning to focus on diabetes and would like to develop protocols to treat diabetes without the use of drugs, and then train medical professionals who are willing to learn about these protocols.  Long term, I dream about having my own well-being farm, where people can come to heal!


Marawi Siege PTSD Prevention And Care Initiative

You can learn more about the Battle of Marawi or the Marawi Siege HERE.  The battle happened in May 23, 2017 and lasted for five long months.  It's known as the longest urban battle in recent Philippine history.  

Dr. Maggie's PTDS Prevention and Care Initiative in Marawi was facilitated by Archbishop Gilbert A. Garcera of Lipa with ArchbishopTony Ledesma of CDO and with the late Bishop Nitz Galido of Iligan to help Bishop of Marawi Edwin dela Peña.  

This is Dr. Maggie with Fr. Teresito "Chito" Soganub, the Marawi priest who was taken hostage, and who was under the care of Dr. Maggie for coaching and naturopathic treatment.

Below are some pictures during the Marawi Siege PTSD Prevention and Care Initiative.  There were trained volunteers who helped destress the Marawi IDPs.

Follow Dr. Maggie on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/epigeneticsprecursors 

Email:  magiteque@gmail.com

Follow Chives Bistro Restaurant and Market on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ChivesPH

I am not a typical health coach.  I focus more on addressing health-related social issues, particularly pain management for the mind, body and spirit – a ‘human system approach’ for poor communities.

Taco Fridays

I look forward to spending Fridays with Martin.  I think every so often couples should do something special together.  It's a great opportunity to talk about each other's passions and goals and just be there for each other.  It's that one-on-one time that's necessary in building and maintaining strong relationships and to learn the importance of listening to your beloved.  So we do Taco Fridays.

We just started this as our weekly lunch date and it's been wonderful.  If you are ever in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I highly recommend a farm to table restaurant called The Millworks.  It's a relatively new restaurant that also houses a number of artists' studios.  So you could peruse the place while you wait for your lunch or dinner and talk to local artists, see them in action, or view their work.  If you are in a hurry, I recommend letting your server know because the kitchen staff tends to take their time.  

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the smoked beef taco and the beet cured smoked salmon and arugula salad.  Both were out of this world but I thought that the taco was unforgettable and somehow left me thinking of a Filipino asado beef dish.  It was gourmet all the way and now I feel like getting it every Friday for our lunch date.  The following Friday I ordered two tacos and a fresh house salad.  Every time I eat those tacos I am on cloud nine.

You may be asking about dessert.  Well, I just head over across the street to Broad Street Market and visit my favorite local food hub called Radish & Rye.  Radish & Rye is one of the reasons why I don't go to the grocery store as much anymore.  They carry the best local, fresh, and organic produce.  The only way you can beat that is by signing up with a local CSA, which is truly the best deal anywhere.  Fresh is best!  When you support local, you are actually helping your local economy, local farmers, as well as your gut.  There are millions of beneficial microbes found in the soil of local farms (as long as the farmers are organic farming and applying little to no chemicals in the soil).  It's best to talk and get to know the local farmers.  

So I like to get my eggs from Radish & Rye (they carry pasture raised eggs which is what everyone should be looking for) as well as fruits and vegetables and other wonderful items.  Going back to dessert -- next to the cash register is an assortment of sweet goodies.  I like to pick up a gluten free granola bar by Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery.  It's absolutely delicious and always leaves me satisfied!  

On Fridays I like to multi-task.  I get to spend a lovely lunch date with Martin eating gourmet tacos, go shopping across the street, and have a sweet, gluten free treat.  I just love our Taco Fridays!

I think every so often couples should do something special together... So we do Taco Fridays.


Initially, I had imagined my family and I staying at this incredibly luxurious home called The Notorious B.N.B. in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, New York through Airbnb.  I had planned on partaking in their highly rated breakfasts, too.  I mean, come on!  Who wouldn't want to try the butternut squash pancake with maple mascarpone topped with sage squash puree and served with house-made spiced lamb sausage or the orange blossom honey Persian yogurt with a dusting of dark chocolate and candied ginger?  Right?!  Sadly, last minute the hosts notified me of a family illness and so there went over a month's time of planning.  

However, thank God for the very hip and swank Aloft hotel located in Brooklyn near the Barclays Center.  We ended up staying for two nights.  Aloft was very accommodating and was pretty central to where we needed to be.  

In all, Brooklyn did not disappoint and our mission was accomplished.  We had planned on spending time with family and friends in our two and a half days' visit and discover Brooklyn for a bit.  Here's a look at what we did. 

Day 1

By the time we checked into Aloft hotel it was mid-afternoon and we were pretty hungry.  Thankfully, the food quality in Brooklyn is very good and there were some organic and clean restaurants and eateries still serving lunch.  We decided to take a cab to Moo Burger to have a bite to eat.  The folks there were very friendly and accommodating to my clean diet.  I ordered a turkey burger on gluten free bread as well as the mixed green salad which was really yummy.  I would definitely go back.  

Since Brooklyn Bridge Park was not too far away, we decided to walk and explore some.  I have to give it to Brooklyn -- they sure know how to create some impressive spaces for children.  If we lived in Brooklyn, we would take our son to Brooklyn Bridge Park often.  He loved the sand box areas and the slides.  This park is huge.  We only perused two small areas but they have areas for older kids, too.  

We decided to postpone dinner until 7:30 p.m.  Everyone was tired from the travel and the walking.  Reservations were made at Prospect.  Prospect is a small, casual place in Brooklyn not too far from Aloft hotel.  Service was mediocre and unfortunately we had to cut our stay short since our little boy was just too exhausted to say the least.  We asked the server to bag the whole dorade fish for two and had a late dinner in our hotel room.  I enjoyed the dorade very much with the jasmine rice and the spices.  I have noticed since eating completely clean for about a year and a half I am able to tolerate spicy foods.  Never before would you ever catch me enjoying spicy hot foods so this is a new experience that I'm quite happy with at the moment.  I give the food four stars out of five.  

Day 2

I really looked forward to day two of our trip because we scheduled a meeting with my beautiful cousin Ria for lunch and made dinner plans with my husband's oldest friend since their crib days.  Our first stop for the day was the Brooklyn Children's Museum.  This is a wonderful children's museum especially for young children.  Our son could have spent days maybe even weeks there.  We even got to see a ball python up close.  

On my father's side I am one of four female cousins.  Not that many of us girl cousins and since we are so geographically scattered it's so meaningful and precious when we get together.  I was so grateful to spend some time with my cousin Ria as the last time was nearly seven years ago.  We had a lovely lunch at Eugene & Co.  I really savored the Spring Greens salad, Roasted Broccolini, and the Chicken (without the bread).  This place was the highlight of my eating escapades while in Brooklyn.  I loved everything -- the ambience, the service, the food.  It's just honest to goodness organic food and the perfect place to catch up with loved ones.  The server even let me charge my cellular phone in his work station since my phone was about to go dormant.  Eugene & Co. is a must when in Brooklyn.

Pok Pok was highly recommended to us so that's where we decided to have dinner with my husband's oldest pal and his lovely wife who were visiting from Hawaii for their son's college graduation.   It had been thirteen years since they last met up so this was very special for them.  I liked the food very much but my expectations were set too high.  I wish we had decided early enough to get the Kai Yaang Tua (the roasted chicken) but it sold out fairly quickly.  I had the Khao Man Som Tam (the green papaya salad) and the Khao Soi Kai (the chicken curry noodle soup) which were both really good.  

Day 3

For our last Brooklyn eating excursion we had brunch at French Louie with a dear college friend that I hadn't seen in fourteen years.  Again we lucked out as the weather was perfect for walking.  This place was great for brunch because it was not crowded or loud and the food was very good.  I had the Snug Harbor Greens minus the bread crumbs, the chicken sausage, and green tea.  The food was quite satisfying and nourishing.

So mission accomplished!  My family and I got to spend some good quality time with loved ones in brilliant, awe-inspiring Brooklyn.  I was also very impressed with overall food quality at restaurants.  These days I purposefully seek out organic, farm to table restaurants most definitely when traveling.  Deep down I confess to being overly cautious and particular with food in the hopes of preventing the kind of illness I have had in the past two years for myself and for my family's sake.  As the saying goes, "Better be safe than sorry."  There are so many farm to table places in Brooklyn which I think is very encouraging.  Indeed, it is very possible to eat clean while on trips with planning and researching ahead of time.  I'm excited for our next visit back to the city!

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In all, Brooklyn did not disappoint and our mission was accomplished.

Farm To Table

You won't catch us stopping by any fast food restaurant when traveling. We even try to avoid Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle. We quit eating fast food a while ago when I realized just how unhealthy it really is.   

One of the last times we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A I felt incredibly ill.   Despite parking a significant distance away from the entrance, the smell of the fast food really affected me.  We could not resume our travel for at least half an hour.

The problem with fast food and actually food at a lot of restaurants is that the ingredients are cooked with hundreds of chemicals and artificial additives.  You don't ever see them but these harmful things are ingested every day by most of America.  

Once I started eating clean it was very difficult to eat in an unhealthy manner again.  My body gave me signals and I had to pay attention to those signals.  My body was essentially rejecting the bad food.  That's what fast food is -- bad food.   It's the opposite of fresh, nutrient dense whole foods.  There is virtually no nutritional value in any fast food place because everything is saturated with heavily processed oils, refined sugars, and artificial preservatives and additives.

So whenever we eat out we try to find "farm to table"  restaurants and eateries. They are very easy to find. I search online for "farm to table restaurants" or "organic restaurants." Farm to table restaurants are known for using fresh local produce and many times they use produce from their own backyard. 

My family and I taste the difference at farm to table places.  They are also better equipped to accommodate your food preferences,  whether you eat gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan, vegetarian, fishetarian or pescatarian, macrobiotic, chickentarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, raw food, and so forth.

Plus, I can unequivocally say that I've never been disappointed or dissatisfied at a farm to table restaurant.  I think it's because most of the owners of farm to table restaurants are truly passionate about serving the freshest, local ingredients possible.  They take the time to choose the food they serve and put lots of thought into seasonal menus and ingredients.  It's a no-brainer.  I'll have farm to table food over any fast food any day.

There may be some folks who may be intimidated with the farm to table concept but from my experience, it's no different than eating at other restaurants.  You can find very affordable places, or you can splurge and go to higher-end places. 

Favorite Farm To Table Restaurants

1.  The House of William and Merry Restaurant in Hocckessin, Delaware has to be my favorite restaurant.  The food is unforgettable and the presentation is just beautiful.  I loved every course!  It also peaked my interest as the name reminds me of my alma mater, however, the owners William and Merry have no connection with the College.

2.  The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm in Lovettsville, Virginia is still my favorite restaurant in Northern Virginia.  It's where I recently celebrated my 40th.  Everything tasted fresh and so delicious.  I recommend it for very special occasions.  

3.  The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia serves delectable, incredible food.  I enjoyed dinner there some years ago and to this day I am searching for a way to go back.  It not only is a peaceful, lovely place to spend a getaway vacation, you may even be lucky to spot a celebrity.  The week before I arrived Tom Cruise was vacationing there.  And while I was there I walked passed Michael J. Fox, his wife Tracy Pollan and their children a few times.   

4.  Home 231 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a favorite casual farm to table restaurant that I frequent.  Though finding street parking can be an obstacle I have always enjoyed my meals.  The food is so good and they are able to accommodate special dietary needs.  For some reason I find their water very satisfying.  Home 231 is a small restaurant so I recommend calling ahead of time especially on the weekends.  

5.  Fat Canary in Williamsburg, Virginia is a very popular farm to table restaurant.  It's been a few years since I dined there and yet I still remember the experience so fondly.  The service was excellent and the food was impeccable.  I'd love to make it back there again.

6.  The Mill in Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania is another fantastic farm to table restaurant in Central PA.  My family and I recently celebrated my husband's birthday and enjoyed a great brunch.  Even our picky son ate most of his meal.  This place is quite comfy and casual.  It's a renovated mill from the early 1900's.  We will definitely be back.

7.  Commune in Virginia Beach, Virginia is the place to be for a farm fresh dining experience in the Hampton Roads area.  I was there on Easter Sunday early for breakfast to beat the crowds.  They make their own breads however they are not gluten free.  Overall, the food was quite satisfying.   

So that is my list of favorite farm to table restaurants so far on the east coast.  One of these days I'll make it to the other side of the country and I'll do a review on farm to table restaurants on the west coast.  

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It’s a no-brainer. I’ll have farm to table food over any fast food any day.