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Taco Fridays

I look forward to spending Fridays with Martin.  I think every so often couples should do something special together.  It's a great opportunity to talk about each other's passions and goals and just be there for each other.  It's that one-on-one time that's necessary in building and maintaining strong relationships and to learn the importance of listening to your beloved.  So we do Taco Fridays.

We just started this as our weekly lunch date and it's been wonderful.  If you are ever in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I highly recommend a farm to table restaurant called The Millworks.  It's a relatively new restaurant that also houses a number of artists' studios.  So you could peruse the place while you wait for your lunch or dinner and talk to local artists, see them in action, or view their work.  If you are in a hurry, I recommend letting your server know because the kitchen staff tends to take their time.  

A couple of weeks ago I ordered the smoked beef taco and the beet cured smoked salmon and arugula salad.  Both were out of this world but I thought that the taco was unforgettable and somehow left me thinking of a Filipino asado beef dish.  It was gourmet all the way and now I feel like getting it every Friday for our lunch date.  The following Friday I ordered two tacos and a fresh house salad.  Every time I eat those tacos I am on cloud nine.

You may be asking about dessert.  Well, I just head over across the street to Broad Street Market and visit my favorite local food hub called Radish & Rye.  Radish & Rye is one of the reasons why I don't go to the grocery store as much anymore.  They carry the best local, fresh, and organic produce.  The only way you can beat that is by signing up with a local CSA, which is truly the best deal anywhere.  Fresh is best!  When you support local, you are actually helping your local economy, local farmers, as well as your gut.  There are millions of beneficial microbes found in the soil of local farms (as long as the farmers are organic farming and applying little to no chemicals in the soil).  It's best to talk and get to know the local farmers.  

So I like to get my eggs from Radish & Rye (they carry pasture raised eggs which is what everyone should be looking for) as well as fruits and vegetables and other wonderful items.  Going back to dessert -- next to the cash register is an assortment of sweet goodies.  I like to pick up a gluten free granola bar by Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery.  It's absolutely delicious and always leaves me satisfied!  

On Fridays I like to multi-task.  I get to spend a lovely lunch date with Martin eating gourmet tacos, go shopping across the street, and have a sweet, gluten free treat.  I just love our Taco Fridays!

I think every so often couples should do something special together... So we do Taco Fridays.