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To Snore Or Not To Snore

Isn't that the question?  Who else remembers studying Shakespeare in high school?  I had to memorize a whole stanza for ninth grade English class.

I remember reciting mine hundreds of times because of fear of blanking out and looking like a fool in front of the video camera, my teacher, and classmates.  My English teacher taped our performances for this particular assignment in which we had to recite the chosen stanza in its original form and translate it into modern day English.

When it was my turn at the camera thankfully I was able to perform my interpretation of Juliet without stumbling, passionately, loud and clear.  It's the scene in which Juliet is frantically begging the friar to make her a poisonous potion so she can already die because she thinks that Romeo is dead.  It's a very dramatic and intense scene indeed!

Back to the point -- snoring!  I read an interesting testimonial some months back that claimed that there may be a link between snoring and coffee. I know that so many people love their coffee and think that they can't live without it but cutting back or even going cold turkey, even for a few weeks, might be worth considering.

I can understand the love that people have for coffee.  It is warm, soothing, and comforting.  It's like  baby's milk for many but there are negative points that cannot be denied.  Coffee is highly acidic and addictive.  Most commercial coffee contains mold. 

Anyway, this woman claimed that her husband noticed that his wife no longer snored at night.  That's great for both!  The wife was able to kick the coffee habit and make healthier food choices and her husband can sleep peacefully at night!

As a suggestion, if you are looking to cut down on drinking coffee and are looking for healthy alternatives, there are some great options.  Maybe give any one of these a try for a few days and monitor how your body responds to the change.  It's a good idea to go slowly when you make diet changes and take note of any changes, if any.

One option is yerba mate.  Originally from South America, yerba mate was popular among the ancients because of its natural energy boosting effects.  The brand that we have at home is by Guayaki.  My husband Martin enjoys the chocolate flavor one a lot.

Another lovely choice is Dandy Blend.  This is a nice one if you don't have a lot of time.  Bring it with you to the office, pour some hot water in a cup, and add your Dandy Blend.  Stir and enjoy!  It can be drunk cold as well if you don't have hot water.  Made out of dandelion, Dandy Blend is caffeine free and very healthy.

The third coffee substitute is one that many former coffee drinkers love.  They swear that it tastes just like coffee!  So if you're one who has to have coffee every morning, Teeccino is the way to go!

So I ask again, to snore or not to snore...

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I know that so many people love their coffee and think that they can’t live without it but cutting back or even going cold turkey, even for a few weeks, might be worth considering.

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