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Spring, Sneezing, And Allergies


I’ve always loved spring.  To me I’ve always associated it with hope, love, and beauty.  I love the new flowers that start to pop up and the green blades of grass. When I start to see dandelions I know that spring has arrived.

In my elementary school years I was pretty healthy.  I hardly ever got sick or missed school.  My brother on the other hand suffered from asthma and allergies.  My dad used to joke that he was allergic to everything except girls.  

When I worked in the corporate world I noticed that I was getting sick all the time so I scheduled doctor appointments frequently.  I remember going every week for about a month.  Each time I visited the doctor he’d give me some Claritin.  I eventually figured out that the Claritin did nothing for me and that it was the stress from work and my poor diet that was causing my allergies.  When I left the corporate world and fixed my diet my allergies went away.

When someone suffers from allergies it’s a gut issue or an autoimmune condition. I’ve seen it and studied it many times.  Whether it’s environmental or food allergies anyone can heal them.  I’ve been advocating the solution for some time now.  Eat organic, local, and seasonal.

Not everyone understands the concept of eating local and seasonal.  It’s pretty simple.  If something doesn’t grow in your area don’t eat it or don’t eat it all the time. People don’t understand this idea because we have access to foods from all over the world in grocery stores.  I live in New York but bananas don’t grow here.  I rarely eat bananas because they're not part of my environment and they won’t strengthen my microbiome.   

This is why I’m big into CSAs and I believe this is the reason why my immune system over the last three years has improved immensely.  Before I moved to New York my gut health was not its best.  I had just gone through a few traumatic years of health problems.  I was so weak and so vitamin deficient I thought that I was dying.  

People don’t have to suffer.  People don’t have to accept a sick body.  Get with a certified health coach or wellness practitioner.  Run past the fear and trust the process because this process that I and many others teach really does work.

Gut Health And CSAs


I wish you could see these beautiful fresh leaves in person. I just got these spinach leaves from my local CSA delivered straight to my home. The other day I was chatting with a CSA member about this spinach variety being the most beautiful and best spinach in all of Central New York!

You won't ever get this at Wegman's, Whole Foods or any local grocery store. My local farmers harvested these and my other veggies just yesterday. So not only are these super fresh they also contain the much needed microbes that are deficient in grocery store produce.

Three years ago I had just moved from Pennsylvania. My gut health was a mess. I was also recovering from my autoimmune condition and I was still severely vitamin deficient. When I got to Central New York one of the things that I did was look for a local organic CSA that would deliver to my home. I got lucky and started talking to Main Street Farms. I've been spoiled ever since and have been improving my gut health all this time.

How do I know I'm healthy? I don't get sick anymore. I'm not visiting the doctor getting one antibiotic after another. I don't catch the common cold or flu and if I ever get a sore throat it lasts for a day or two at most.

There is no magic pill or supplement that gives good health. People are waiting for some miracle drug to fix them up. The body doesn't work that way and it was never designed that way.

Are you a CSA member?