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Spring, Sneezing, And Allergies


I’ve always loved spring.  To me I’ve always associated it with hope, love, and beauty.  I love the new flowers that start to pop up and the green blades of grass. When I start to see dandelions I know that spring has arrived.

In my elementary school years I was pretty healthy.  I hardly ever got sick or missed school.  My brother on the other hand suffered from asthma and allergies.  My dad used to joke that he was allergic to everything except girls.  

When I worked in the corporate world I noticed that I was getting sick all the time so I scheduled doctor appointments frequently.  I remember going every week for about a month.  Each time I visited the doctor he’d give me some Claritin.  I eventually figured out that the Claritin did nothing for me and that it was the stress from work and my poor diet that was causing my allergies.  When I left the corporate world and fixed my diet my allergies went away.

When someone suffers from allergies it’s a gut issue or an autoimmune condition. I’ve seen it and studied it many times.  Whether it’s environmental or food allergies anyone can heal them.  I’ve been advocating the solution for some time now.  Eat organic, local, and seasonal.

Not everyone understands the concept of eating local and seasonal.  It’s pretty simple.  If something doesn’t grow in your area don’t eat it or don’t eat it all the time. People don’t understand this idea because we have access to foods from all over the world in grocery stores.  I live in New York but bananas don’t grow here.  I rarely eat bananas because they're not part of my environment and they won’t strengthen my microbiome.   

This is why I’m big into CSAs and I believe this is the reason why my immune system over the last three years has improved immensely.  Before I moved to New York my gut health was not its best.  I had just gone through a few traumatic years of health problems.  I was so weak and so vitamin deficient I thought that I was dying.  

People don’t have to suffer.  People don’t have to accept a sick body.  Get with a certified health coach or wellness practitioner.  Run past the fear and trust the process because this process that I and many others teach really does work.

The Gut

In 2014 my gut was a mess yet I had no idea.  When I finally decided to get tested for everything related to chronic fatigue, I started to learn more about what ailed me.  After getting my package of test results back I was overwhelmed to find a whole slew of issues including two potentially pathogenic bacteria, low bacterial diversity, low beneficial bacteria, very low glutathione (which meant that I could not detox), numerous vitamin deficiencies, as well as food sensitivities to 28 different foods.  My son tested sensitivity to 23 different foods.   

In retrospect, I was grateful and relieved to know that my health problems could be addressed one by one and that I was not dealing with a life threatening illness.  The process of healing took time but within three months I started to feel better.  

Although some medical advice I received included a significant amount of supplements, I did not want to be dependent on them.  For me, the answer was food.  I wholeheartedly believe that I have been able to heal my gut and my son's through whole food, nutrient packed, balanced meals.  

Foods That Support The Gut

When we start to think of food as medicine and use it wisely and properly, we will start to feel a positive difference and the body will begin to heal itself.  I cut out all of the packaged junk and started eating home cooked meals made with organic and fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.  I also chose fresh wild caught seafood.  The main foods that I initially eliminated were gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and eggs.  In my case, these foods may have been causing inflammation and havoc in my gut.  

Everyone is different and so it's important to listen to your body's needs.  I chose to avoid certain foods to give my body rest and help in the digestive process.  

Gut health is essential to staying healthy because most disease starts in the gut.  This is why it's important to incorporate foods that support the gut.  Traditional foods like bone stocks, soups, and miso are really the best choices to heal the digestive system.  They are fantastic because they coat and soothe the gut.  Also, probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are top picks to consider when restoring gut health.  

Happy Guts

Earlier I mentioned that I had 28 food sensitivities.  I'm ecstatic to say that I can eat all of those foods now that used to be on my avoid list of foods.  My son who had 23 food sensitivities is also able to eat the foods that he could not before.  This includes gluten, dairy, eggs, and from time to time a little refined sugar.  It's not a problem because we don't crave refined sugar but we don't have to avoid it like the plague any longer!

For anyone who is struggling with gut and digestive issues, my son and I are proof that the gut can be healed with the right foods.  For more information on how you can have a happy gut, I may be reached at info@elainejavier.com or here.  My 6 month program is available to those who are interested in supporting gut health and other health concerns as well as samples of my tea from my Health For The Holidays Tea Collection.  

This is the last segment of my Health For The Holidays series.  I hope that you found it beneficial and that you got some good nuggets to incorporate into your lifestyle.  To your health and happiness!

For me, the answer was food. I wholeheartedly believe that I have been able to heal my gut and my son’s through whole food, nutrient packed, balanced meals.