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Years ago when I lived in Northern Virginia I became fascinated with clean, elegantly packaged, and delicious tasting bottled water.  I came across an interesting website about bottled water brands from all over the world.  Instead of becoming a wine connoisseur, I was interested in becoming a water connoisseur.  I mean, why not?  All my life, my mom told me that water was the best drink in the world.  So I thought it was a cool idea to try out all of these fancy, uncommon bottled water brands.  Wherever I went I made sure to carry an attractive looking water bottle.  Yes, water can be fashionable too!

I have tried so many brands like Fiji, VOSS, and Ty Nant.  I once drove all the way to DC to purchase Ty Nant water which comes from Wales.  The packaging of Ty Nant is absolutely breathtaking (the clear, modern, curvy PET bottle) and at the time it was my favorite of all my bottled water purchases.  Even my dad raved about it saying that it was the best tasting water he's ever had.

My most recent favorite has been Evamor water.  Not all stores carry it but my husband Martin and I were lucky to find it in our local Wegman's.  I chose Evamor because of its high alkalinity content of 8.8.  It's been noted in recent studies that cancer cells cannot survive in high alkaline environments.  My mother and her father had cancer so I am always interested to know about health news.

In the book "Clean" by Dr. Junger, he mentions that typical city water contains harmful metals and chemicals.  These seep into our skin when we bathe and wash our hands.  (This is why it's a good idea to do the 21 day clean program once a year to get rid of toxins and harsh chemicals from the body.)  He highly recommends an effective water filtration system that not only removes dangerous metals and chemicals but also transforms water to a high alkaline state.

With this in mind, we decided to replace our Brita filter (Brita does not remove most of the chemicals in tap water and does nothing to improve the pH balance) with a Santevia water filtration pitcher.  We got the lovely black pitcher because it matches our kitchen but it does come in four colors.  We just got the package on Friday and I'm happy to report that it's working out nicely for us.  I must admit that I'm such a klutz.  When I first put the Santevia system together I didn't insert the filter in correctly.  You need to push down with both thumbs or two fingers.  Yuck, my first taste was horrible!  I now know how tap water tastes like!  And it smells like a chlorinated swimming pool.  When I finally got it right, what a difference!  Martin said he liked it better than the Evamor water and well that's good enough for me.  Santevia.  Give it a try.  Your body will thank you! 

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It’s been noted in recent studies that cancer cells cannot survive in high alkaline environments.