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Happy Easter

"We are Easter people," the priest from Kenya prodded the parish this morning during his homily.  "Our faith is in the risen Lord."  When I entered the church and was greeted by the beautiful Easter lilies and spring flowers at the altar, St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, came to mind.  Her simple, little way so inspired the world. Little things done for the glory of God can be great too.  I'm reminded that the saints lived joyful lives even though many suffered greatly on earth.  Joyful because they understood the promise of Christ.  The Eucharist is all we need to be complete.  The Eucharist is central to the teaching of the faith.

These days we rarely eat out.  If we do it's because it's a special occasion.  Easter Sunday is the most important day for all Christians so to celebrate we decided to try a local, quaint restaurant in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania called The Garlic Poet.

I must say that I think I've found the place where I'd like to celebrate my birthday for next year.  The Garlic Poet is the first in the area to incorporate the farm to table concept, an increasingly popular trend.  I felt at home in this cozy, relaxing space, which is reminiscent of an artsy library from old days past.  Garlic because it's a universal food and poet because poetry a universal language.  Our server Ed was accommodating, friendly, and very knowledgeable.  He sat us at a corner where the Spanish poet Luis de Gongora's portrait graced the wall.  I appreciated this since I was a Spanish major and I'm sure I had to have studied Gongora's work at some point in my Spanish classes.  I love the intimate setting, perfect for small dinner parties, serving up to 12 to 16 persons.

Back to the food!  I was served an appetizing plate of sea scallops, spring risotto, and sweet roasted carrots.  This is gourmet at its best.  This entree was total bliss.  I was able to enjoy a tiny bite of my husband's entree as well, a delectable cut of filet mignon, and some of his Italian red wine.  All food is local and organic so that's more bonus points for this establishment.  Their featured menu changes by the season so you know you get the freshest food possible.  We will certainly be by again to savor new Garlic Poet creations that any foodie would love and crave.  Hmmm, till next time.   

Please support local, farm to table restaurants in your area.  The food is healthy and made from scratch.  The ingredients are sourced from local farms which use very little to no pesticides and chemicals.  Many chefs can cater to your specific food preferences too.  This is a win-win for everyone.


We are Easter people. Our faith is on the risen Lord.