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The Kitchen

Magic happens in the kitchen every day.  It's where I have my creative space -- my space to dream up good things to eat for my family.

In my youth I was fascinated by world class cuisine and the very best restaurants in the top, most exciting cities, and to some degree I still am.  I remember my dad talking about eating the most delicious Australian lobster he had ever eaten in Japan when he was in the Navy in the 1960s.  I dreamt of delightfully partaking from course to course and even experienced some delicious meals at well known restaurants.

Many things have changed for me and my family.  We are at a stage in which we listen to our bodies.  For us food is information and it is powerful medicine.  We have totally embraced a clean diet for life.  (I don't buy ketchup or salad dressings.  I prefer to prep and mix them myself.)

Though I am satisfied with most meals that I make I sometimes fumble and am disappointed.  But that's the journey that takes place in the kitchen when you're a newbie like me.  I'm grateful for every moment good and not so good because I get to learn and get better at my place in the kitchen.

It has been a long road for me.  I remember the days when I would buy boxed meals and pretty much eat anything at my favorite places.  Back then my stove top was almost always so spotless.  In my first two months of being a newlywed, I never stepped foot in the kitchen to cook.  My poor worried husband cooked all the meals for two months.  I couldn't even cook an egg then.  Those days are long gone.

Eating clean has so many benefits.  It fuels our bodies with wonderful needed nutrients to keep us healthy and enjoy the food that we partake.  Best of all I get to spend time with my family in the kitchen and always we give thanks for all His blessings.

If you are interested in making the switch to clean eating for weight or health reasons, I recommend taking small steps or else I think it becomes too overwhelming.  If you currently eat out a lot, I suggest choosing one day of the week or weekend to prepare a home cooked meal.  Then, gradually add more cooking days to your weekly plan.  When you have extra freeze the leftovers.  Eventually you'll have home cooked meals every day of the week.  It takes time but patience is key and at the end it's all worth it!

My Top Three Tips In Eating Clean

  1. Always choose organic apples and green beans.  Years ago when I was interested in healthy living I was dining at my favorite restaurant in Northern Virginia called The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm.  I asked the owner Beverly Morton Billand which kinds of produce she would recommend eating organic.  She said it's important to always purchase organic apples and green beans because of all produce these two have the most sensitive skins that absorb everything.
  2. Get the recipe book Clean Eats by Dr. Alejandro Junger.  Learn more about the book here.  I've tried many different diets but I've found clean eating the best for me and my family.  Many recipes in the book are very simple to prepare as well as delicious and nutritious.  Since eating clean I've been able to lose at least fifteen pounds and get my energy back.  The book offers recipes for almost every diet out there so there's something for everyone.
  3. Try a free month's membership with Thrive Market.  Thrive Market is a great place to shop online because the website lists all the ingredients for each product.  Though we buy mostly organic, non-GMO pantry staples from Thrive Market, I still review the labels because even though the packaging says "organic" or "non-GMO" it may still contain undesirable ingredients.  See some of the ingredients I avoid in my Be A Label Reader article.  We enjoy membership with Thrive Market for the savings and convenience.  I highly recommend.

Eating clean does not need to be complicated; instead it can be simple and delicious.  Eating clean is like giving yourself a massage.  In fact, you give your body an internal massage.  By eating clean, slowly chewing food, and consuming lots of alkaline water with lemon (this is my favorite water brand), it is possible to transition to a clean diet to maintain good health for you and your loved ones.  It is about carefully making healthy choices one step at a time.  

For us food is information and it is powerful medicine. We have totally embraced a clean diet for life.