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Kite Hill

One of the most beautiful foods that I've ever had the pleasure of eating is cheese.  I've had a love affair with cheese since I can remember.  

After my son was born, I thought that it was a good idea to begin planning a family trip to Napa even though the plan was to go in 21 years once he was old enough to drink wine.  I thought that it could be a lovely birthday gift.  I dreamed of us feasting on wine and cheese.

Well, I don't see that happening in the future for us.  Sad but true!  

I have decided to strictly omit dairy out of my diet.  It's completely out.  And it is the same for my little boy.  (It's confirmed that he has food sensitivities as well.)

The exciting news is there's Kite Hill!  When I learned about this dairy free company that makes nut cheeses, I was captivated and had to try it for myself.

When we got the chance about a month ago, we drove to the closest Whole Foods.  Kite Hill is only sold at Whole Foods.  We drove about two hours.  

If you are curious and want to try, you need to go to the cheese section of Whole Foods.  I asked an employee and he said that the nut cheese brand is so popular that the store has been selling out.  I was in luck because they had the Soft Fresh Original (it's like mozzarella), the Ricotta (the store's bestseller), and the Soft Ripened (it tastes like brie).  They did not have the cheese spreads but those look really, really good!  

My favorite was the one that tastes like brie!  I can't remember the last time I had baked brie but this Kite Hill brie was so good that I finished it in two days.  I could have finished it in a day but I controlled myself, thankfully.

If you cannot have dairy and miss the taste of cheese, Kite Hill is the absolute best nut cheese available.  They recently came out with a dairy free yogurt line and a couple of prepared pastas.  

I can't wait till they open a Whole Foods closer to us!

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If you cannot have dairy and miss the taste of cheese, Kite Hill is the absolute best nut cheese available.