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Super Clean Beef Tapa

My mom reintroduced beef tapa to me this summer.  Let me just say that her tapa is really awesome that I have to call it Super Clean Beef Tapa.  It is out of this world deliciousness!  

My mom was a stay at home mom until my brother and I started school full time.  I remember that she would often prepare beef steak.  She would make it with rings of onion.  This dish is similar but much more addicting.

This beef tapa brought back some nice memories.  Her recipe is all about the marinade.  She likes to marinate her beef overnight with lots of garlic, ground pepper, and organic apple cider vinegar.  No sugar necessary.  The results are marvelous.  If you're a meat lover you will definitely get your craving for beef satiated.

My mom likes to serve the beef tapa with fried rice.  So she simply uses the same pan to make the fried rice to include all of that yummy flavor from the beef.  Instead of achara (sweet pickled green papaya) I prefer to serve it with organic sauerkraut.  I like Eden Organic Sauerkraut a lot.  This stuff makes this whole dish worth it all.  Sauerkraut is a probiotic which means it's one of the best things to keep your gut health in check.  For those who watch their salt intake, take a look at the sodium content.  You could always make your own sauerkraut if you cannot find a low sodium brand.

Always choose grass fed beef.  Organic grass fed beef is the best choice.  

Beef tapa is wonderful for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  If you need a bit of sweetness in your meal, just add green peas to your fried rice.  It gives it just enough natural sweetness.  Violà!  

Here's the recipe for you to enjoy! Don't forget to use organic, local ingredients when possible.

Super Clean Beef Tapa



Thinly sliced organic beef round (Get the largest size available if you want to make a lot!  Trust me, this tapa is so good that you will want more of it.)

4 large cloves garlic, crushed

Freshly ground pepper to taste

1/2 cup organic apple cider vinegar (I like Braggs brand.)

Extra virgin olive oil for frying



First, freeze the beef so that it's easy to slice thinly.  Once thinly sliced, marinate the beef overnight with the garlic, apple cider vinegar, and ground pepper.  When you are ready to fry your beef, warm the cast iron pan.  Add the olive oil.  Then preheat the oven to broil.  Start frying the beef on medium to high heat, depending on your stove top.   As you fry, keep turning the beef and cook until the liquid dissipates.  Put the pan in the oven to brown the beef for about 2 minutes.  Enjoy!  

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If you’re a meat lover you will definitely get your craving for beef satiated.

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