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Slime, Contact Lens Solution, And Borax


When I was a kid I did what all the other school children did. I ate the food prepared at the school cafeteria. I sucked on the honeysuckles at the school playground. I got jelly shoes just like a lot of the other girls in my elementary school. When friendship pins were in I got a friend to make me one almost every week for about a month or two. I followed what the teachers told us so that I could go outside for Freedom Friday to hang out with my best friend and the other kids. I learned how to think on my own but for the most part I learned to be an order taker because just like every kid out there I wanted to fit in.

Slime is all the rage among school children these days. I think if I were still a kid I would be one of those kids fascinated with the texture, colors, and glitter affects. I’d probably be viewing YouTube every single day to learn how to make my own slime.

On the surface slime is a kid’s toy but if we take a closer look at what slime is made of we will see that it consists of sodium borate which is better known as borax. Borax is linked to infertility and reproductive damage. It is also found in the controversial Gardasil or HPV vaccine. Some people may believe that borax is harmless and is perfectly fine since it’s used for cleaning in many households. I caution those who believe that borax is safe and suggest that you dig deeper and do your own research. Recently, I came across a pediatrician’s blog post regarding slime and borax. She noticed that more and more of her patients were coming in for horrible skin rashes. After interviewing several parents she learned that her patients were playing with slime as an after school activity on a daily basis. She concluded that the borax from the slime was causing these horrible rashes on her patients’ hands and noted that it would take several months for the rashes to heal. So is borax safe? I believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As I did more reading on the slime topic this led me to my current problem with contact lens solutions. A friend, mentor, and fellow health coach just last week mentioned that slime can be made with either borax or contact lens solution since the solution contains sodium borate. Sure enough almost every contact lens solution in the market contains sodium borate. I found one that did not but CIBA Vision Clear Care No Rub contains an ingredient called Pluronic 17R4 (a Cleaning Agent). What the heck is that?! I have never heard of it and there’s not enough information online about what it is and any potential side effects. Who knows? Pluronic 17R4 could be another name for sodium borate or borax. So again I follow the better be safe than sorry rule.

So this got me thinking and then I got really pissed off. I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was in middle school. That’s decades of pouring borax onto my hands and fingertips as well as applying borax directly into my eyes. I never thought to read the labels for contact lens solutions like I do for the food that I consume. Just like many patients who wear glasses or contact lenses I listened to the optometrist and did exactly what I was told to do. As a result my vision worsened over the years. On top of that I just noticed how rough especially the palms of my hands are and how blood shot my eyes are.

I’ve made a couple of decisions from what I’ve gathered in the last week. If you know me personally, you will notice that I’ve begun to wear my prescription glasses after decades of contact lens use. This is a new routine for me. I do have some good news though. My hands are starting to improve and they do not feel as rough. I also found a very interesting course on how to regain eyesight naturally. When I was younger I just accepted that my eyesight continued to worsen as I kept wearing glasses and contacts. I never thought that wearing glasses or contacts was the problem. I am nearsighted with astigmatism and I am blind as a bat. For children that may be having eye problems, this course encourages parents to seek a pediatric ophthalmologist for their child as the chances of your child having to wear glasses is just 2 percent. By visiting an optometrist the chances of being prescribed glasses is 35 percent.

I’m fascinated with the idea of correcting my vision naturally. That would mean tossing out the glasses for good. How awesome would that be?! I’ll keep you informed on my goal to reclaim my vision.

So three things that I’ve learned since last week: 1) slime and contact lens solution are made of borax which is linked to infertility, reproductive damage and skin rashes, and 2) glasses and contact lenses cause vision to worsen, and 3) it is possible to reclaim your vision.

Share the knowledge with your family, friends, and loved ones. Stay curious. Start to think outside of the box and keep asking the hard questions. Our families and loved ones depend on us to keep them safe and well. To your health and happiness!