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On The Street Where We Lived

Somehow Stone Barn Road reminds me of Cherry Tree Lane in the Disney film Mary Poppins probably because of the fantastic, well thought out planned walking community, the well-manicured landscapes, and the cobblestone curb appeal throughout.  I even imagined adding two pink cherry trees in the backyard and an adorable English garden with a butterfly way station.  I have to confess that I've had a difficult time letting go of our beloved home in our neat little village in Central PA.  We moved out last month and my son and I still think fondly of it.  It was where I had hoped we could spend more time -- more time to see our son grow and more time to spend with our friends.  But God has different plans for us.  

So we are moving again.  This is our fifth move in seven years and so the adventure starts back up again.  I have to mention that this exercise of constantly moving has helped me to appreciate the present moment.  We never know how long we will stay in an area so I think that I've learned to really savor the here and now and take nothing for granted.   

We are Catholic first before all of our wants and needs.  I stand committed to our faith foremost before anything else and this has helped me throughout times of tribulation.  For me there is no other way but to let God guide us in everything that we do.  

I am hopeful in our future in the new place.  What lies ahead are new places to see, new people to meet, and new memories to make.  My husband's company has been very good to us.  But more so, God has given us much more than we have ever imagined.  

Goodbye Stone Barn Road.  Goodbye Central PA.  I arrived unwell, weak, and exhausted and I left healed, renewed, and faithful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the cherished memories.

We are Catholic first before all of our wants and needs.