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The Night My Mom Cut Jesus' Hair

Recently, I remembered a story that my mom told me many years ago.  I was a teenager at the time.  She came home from work  late one night and said, "Tonight I cut a man's hair and he looked just like Jesus!"  

That got my attention so I listened intently.  She continued, "He was my last client and he told me to just cut but keep his hair long."  

She said he was the best client she ever had.  He was quiet the whole time.  He didn't complain or give her a hard time.  He just sat at her station quietly.  And at the end of the service he paid and then left.  My mom never got his name and she never saw him again.

Although I will never know the story of this man, my mom's encounter with a man who had such a physical similarity to Jesus made me contemplate Jesus.  It made me realize that Jesus is always with me, and will always be with me through the best and worst of times.

This incident happened in 1997, before my mom was diagnosed with three large tumors on her spinal cord.  My mom's neurosurgeon told her she had a 75 percent chance of paralysis.  That thought put my parents on edge for many days and nights.  She was very afraid before the surgery, and suffered greatly after it.  

During my mom's time of hardship I remember a great number of family members and friends lifting her up in prayer.  That, I believe, is the beauty of prayer.  Prayer brings people together for a common good.  Prayer allows us to unite for the sake of our loved ones.  Prayer is incredibly powerful and strengthens us in the most trying of times.

Mom's surgery was a very trying time, but she made it and recovered.  And the outcome of that surgery has had many positives!  Foremost, my mom and dad's faith grew a hundred fold and they have become more devout to our Lord and his Blessed Mother.  They have also become more committed to each other.  And their faith was strengthened for all the other surgeries and trials they endured over the years.

Because they believed in God who is all loving and healing, I witnessed and I also believed.  What my mom went through would have never been possible to endure without the Lord's strength and goodness.  Without a doubt He carried their burdens.

My mom's surgery for the ependymoma  happened 20 years ago.  Today, she is feeling well (and continues to recover from a recent surgery but that's another story).   Thanks be to God we got to celebrate her 70th birthday this month of July.  

And thanks be to God for my mom's beautiful life and for Jesus reminding us of His abundant love and blessings.  

Because they believed in God who is all loving and healing, I witnessed and I also believed.

Bruno Versus Jesus

Oh, the joys of parenthood!  My boy was in one of his defiant moods as I was struggling to get him dressed in time for church.  We were running late as usual.  I had tried to calmly brief him that we were going to church because it's Sunday.  This was not working in my favor.

Feeling flustered and perturbed I blurted out to Constantine, "Who do you prefer?  Bruno or Jesus?"  Without pause he answered, "Bruno."  I flashed back, "Wrong answer!  Do you think Bruno will help you get to heaven?!"  Then the little boy responded, "Daddy, heaven."  Sighing in relief I said, "Yes, that's a better answer.  Daddy will help us get to heaven."

This was an opportunity for me as a parent to weigh in on the effects of what is too much for a little child.  There is no doubt that Bruno Mars is a talent and huge iconic force today but my husband and I will not adhere to him or any other public persona getting in the way of our family's obligation to spend it with the Lord.  Foremost, God comes first before our own wants and needs.

The dangers of bombarding our children with too much TV and Internet are real and it's important to set the parameters straight and clear at a young age.  Besides the questions of how much is too much and possible harmful effects on our children, we have to ask if what our children are exposed to will be a benefit to them spiritually.  Can it help build their character and moral fiber?  

It's easy to turn on the TV to keep our children preoccupied but do we let them go unguarded?  I've grown accustomed to this behavior enumerating in my mind all the must haves that I want to get done before the day is over but what about my most important responsibility?  I have asked myself from time to time, "Am I spending enough time with my boy?  Am I pointing him to Christ?  Am I showing him how to love Him?"

It's a balancing act that needs to be played out throughout the day and it's taxing. My consolation is always prayer.  It's what gets me through the day.  As a wife and mother I know that I cannot do it all, not without His help.  I can always count on His help.

Though we are fans of Bruno Mars we are bigger fans of Jesus Christ whom we hope to spend eternity with in heaven.  God bless my little boy and all the children.  May we help the little ones get to heaven.

My consolation is always prayer.